Tip Tuesday: Face Brush Wonder

Hia! I wanna share something beauty related today. Now, I know we girls have those days where we just wanna lay straight in bed without removing them makeup (lashes, mascara, liner and blush, etc.) because our excuse is, “I’m too tired to wash my face, just tonight please”. Yeah, gross I know, but you and I know it’s not just tonight right? The practice becomes more often. I have those days too, and those days give me tiny bumps on my face (no flawless smooth skin these days), flakiness and whiteheads build-up.

Sometime, before I went for vacation, the boyfriend and I bought this little pink face brush in Day-to-Day for just AED 5.00 to try (Note: Some lovelies have informed me, they can’t find this in Day-to-Day, you can try looking for it at a Japanese home store called Daiso for AED 7.00, there’s one in Dubai mall and in Reef Mall, Deira). Just like the brush below (not actual).


Affordable isn’t it? I talked Ken into buying it, ’cause he likes pampering himself too. I haven’t got time to use it religiously before leaving for Philippines and I left it here in Dubai, I know I haven’t taken good care of my skin while on vacation and you know what happens (insert description up there). So, back into the sandpit, I decided that I will use the little brush everyday when cleansing my face, in the morning and at night. I put my facial cleanser on top and brush away. I just wasn’t able to take a before photo of my skin (and I do not want to go back and have that “before” skin), but mind you I had dry, flaky and bumpy skin (though my skin is not acne-prone) before using it. After just a week of using the wonder brush, my pesky whiteheads are gone, I bid goodbye to the bumps and hello to smooth skin. Now, I cannot go a day without using it, it motivates me more to wash my face at night even in those dead-tired days. This works very much like the Clarisonic Skin Cleaning system except that it’s are rechargeable, well, gotta work those hands with the brush. 😉 Also, I might add, my makeup says thank you to the wonder brush’s effects, makeup glides on smoothly even without the use of a primer, just make sure to moisturize properly.

So ladies, spending AED 5.00 on a face brush won’t definitely hurt in exchange for a smooth and flawless skin, if you still do not have the $$$$ to spend for a Clarisonic. “Because beauty need not be expensive.” Naks, imbento! 😀 Just try it, it is a good addition to our skin care regimen for effective cleansing, I loved the results, it might be the same for some of you out there.

Signature 2

Photo credit: http://www.aliexpress.com/price/face-brush-cleanser_price.html

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