A Letter To My Mom On Her Birthday

Ma, today is your 51st birthday! Yay! I will forever be thankful to God for your life. This post could be cheesy, but I don’t really care after all this is my letter to you and I’d write on this blog post for as long as I want, because I cannot write enough of how beautiful of a person you are.



I want to thank you for loving me, thank you because no matter how stubborn I got, how disobedient I was, whether I do the right thing or wrong thing, you love me still. And you are always there to tell me that I can overcome my own struggles and that I have to stand, brush it off, learn and move on with life. Thank you for your unconditional love. Thank you that you will always be proud of me. After all, I wouldn’t have made it to where I am now without you.



Thank you for accepting me and not judging me, you are the first person I can always approach no matter what the situation is in my life (even though I haven’t realized that until lately). Thank you for guiding and helping me when I am at my weakest, thank you for making sure that I can finally stand up strong again and face life.


Care & Teaching

Thank you for taking care of me throughout the years, thank you for caring even we’re miles apart, thank you for caring for me even when I am least aware of it. Thank you for taking care of Dad and my siblings, thank you for tirelessly making sure there’s warm water for us to bathe, even warm enough when the weather’s cool, thank you for telling us where to find a specific household item and for pointing out the that we should always return it to the same place where we found it (makes life so much easy). Thank you for always yelling that I cannot wash my legs and feet right after hours of wearing my heels and whatever kind of footwear (even though when you yell, I’m already there disobediently splashing water). Thank you for making sure we’d always have that crease-less and immaculate uniforms. Thank you for teaching me how to cook my first Chopseuy and Tinola through Facebook chat and phone calls. Thank you for teaching us that the way to entirely clean the bathroom and kitchen means to turn it upside down, wash everything our eyes see, wash floors to ceiling with bleach and detergent and make sure everything is squeaky clean and sparkling. Thank you because you care enough to lecture us about hygiene that we have to not let our bums touch those nasty toilet bowls, that we have to use tissue paper for touching everything in a public toilet by everything I mean flash button, cubicle lock, faucet knob and toilet handles.. uhmm a little OC I guess, but I love you for it. Thank you for ever fascinating us with your round the house calls, when all you wanted to call is a single person, but you nevertheless still mention all of our names. Your goofiness is the best everr! 😛



Thank you because while we peacefully sleep you are there thinking about every details in our lives making sure that all are proper and organized and not a thing is missed or overlooked. Thank you for laying your life down for us to serve us in the most humble way I have known. Thank you that you always made yourself available for us, for putting yourself last and prioritizing us in everything. You are one of the best examples of being selfless.


Thank you for partnering with Dad to be parents to us and for raising us in the best possible way, and I would never imagine it any other way, just perfect. Thank you that you and Dad taught us about the fear of God, discipline, respect, humbleness, generosity and how to love other people, and you know most of these are not handed down to us in verbal but by mere living examples that you both demonstrate, your lives powerfully speak and move within me, my siblings and the people around you. Truly parenting is one of the biggest responsibilities and I salute you for that. Thinking about parenting makes me afraid, but it makes me more excited to be half as good of a parent as you.

I am looking forward to another glorious 51 years, and more and more! I declare and believe God’s goodness and unending favor and blessing over your life in each aspect of it, supernatural breakthroughs will even be far greater than what God has manifested in your life during the last 51 years. May God grant the desires of your heart according to His will more than you can ever ask or imagine. I am beyond blessed by you Mama, you are the greatest mom in the world, I know everyone says they have the greatest mom but I truly believe that Joy, Joseph, Jp and Jade have been blessed with the world’s greatest mom.


Happy happy birthday Mama, I love you so much! Your date of birth deserves to be celebrated with our births, because without you we wouldn’t be here. Cheers! I will always be your little Joy-joy. :*


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