The Pinay Makeover Experience

Last weekend, I got to work with the lovely and talented Erl from Makeup by ERL and the whole team of Pinay Makeover for a makeover photo shoot of 3 lovely Filipinas that was featured on 7Days UAE (Dubai paper), read on the full article here. Erl invited me to do makeup for one of the models. This is really a fun learning experience for me since Erl has been in this industry for quite a long time now and she has already built a name for herself, how sweet of her to invite me right? 😊

Erl and her friend, Kristine formed Pinay Makeover with the help of their talented friends in the Filipino community. It is an online non-profit initiative to showcase the true beauty of the Filipina and promote Pinay empowerment by offering free makeovers to interested Filipinas who are willing to step up to the challenge by sharing their inspiring life story. -from their website

The movement is really inspiring and I believe it gives out a very powerful message to all Filipinas out there to strive and be the best version of themselves, that a Filipina is empowered to make a difference in this world because she has what it takes like any other woman, she is confident, beautiful inside and out, intelligent and worthy of respect. A Filipina is world-class.

To be honest, the stories in their blog have moved me to be more proud of being a Filipina, to fully believe in a Filipina’s abilities, to not compare myself with others or compete but encourage teamwork, to believe that I can achieve whatever I put my heart into. Their project is indeed living up to its aims and visions. Go Filipina!

If you are willing to step up to the challenge and share your Pinay story or if you know someone who is, please nominate or send Pinay Makeover a message here or send them a message in their Facebook Page, if you’re in a different location, let them know as they can accommodate your request since Erl’s day job allows her to travel making overseas makeover requests a possibility, how cool can that be? 😍 They also have an Instagram page filled with inspiring stories and quotes about women empowerment, please hit follow ❤. I am sharing the full page 7Days feature photo from their Instagram below:

YES!!! I was invited once and my back and name also made it to 7Days, I was ecstatic when I found out really 😍, I mean it is my first time to read my name and see myself in a newspaper, so that explains my excitement 😆. I am really grateful to Erl, Kristine and to the whole team of talented and creative people behind Pinay Makeover. Kudos too, to the genius photographer, Sir Arian Marcos, check out his website here. More photos from their Instagram page below:

No matter what nationality you have women, let’s continue to promote women empowerment and let’s make a difference in this world.

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#YearofHappy February and March – My Personal Approach

I know it’s already too late for February #YearofHappy post and overdue for March. Here are what’s required for both months:

* February – Go to a thrift shop or dollar store and buy the weirdest, goofiest, strangest things you can find – anything that makes you happy! Then, make a haul post or (better yet) a video sharing what you bought. Don’t spend more than $10 and remember to have fun!

March – Create an inspiration board using your favorite colors, images, or sayings. Haul out those old issues of Glamour and go to town! Hang it somewhere you will see it every day so that you can feel happy and inspired whenever you look at it.

* From October June

February- First off, I didn’t really get to have the time to stop by a thrift store to purchase some strange things. ✌ But here’s the deal, I did spring cleaning, and had stuff that really needed to go out since I haven’t used them for ages. Letting go of things that we always cling to but never used anyway is actually exhilarating and liberating haha! And yes, I’m talking about things that are still usable, they say, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” I’ve really had to think so many times before giving away stuff, I’ve had those convos in my head like “maybe you can wear this somewhere”, “but this reminds you of something really meaningful”. Nevertheless, if you haven’t used them up for such a long time, it’s time to let go especially for clothes. You see, we have tons of things in our homes that are really just sitting for ages and we don’t wanna part with them ever. But as one saying goes, “how can we receive if our hands are full”, I know that’s too deep to incorporate about donating, but think about the people who are fighting for survival right now, maybe receiving that old sweater of yours that’s been sitting in your winter clothes box for years is the only thing that can make a girl happy and warm. We can be a blessing to someone right now by letting go of things we haven’t used for a while. So the things, I have gathered after cleaning went to a donation box nearby my place. * I am not saying this to brag or anything, I am writing about this to encourage people, so that together we can make a big change and help others who are in need right now. Dubai is a city which has immense efforts towards charity and we can make use of that. There are different donation boxes and charitable organizations spread throughout Dubai like those below, and that can be placed few blocks away or next to your building:

1613232307 b Dar_al_Ber_Collection_box download

You can also learn about different charitable organizations in Dubai in this link.

Aside from being able to help, I also freed up some space in my closet and drawers which is a good thing. 😍 After all, this movement is about being happy not only on our own, but also inspiring others to be happy and be a blessing to someone. Smile, happy people let’s radiate positivity. ☺

March- this is the month that I lost my best friend Heizel, read more about her inspiring story here. But our loss is Heaven’s gain indeed. My heart goes out to her family, though mourning we all strongly believe that she is happy now with the Lord, smiling and no more pain from brain cancer. March is a tough month for her family, my family and me, but no matter how tough this month or even life can be, one thing is for sure, God works out everything together for our good, and He promised to never leave us nor forsake us. I may not have an artsy, colorful and creative inspiration board for this month, but I have managed to create some typography-inspired doodles on my planner below. Simple but it means a lot to me.


Now, these #YearofHappy prompts for the month of February and March may be different from what it’s supposed to be, but I think they have just been more personal and more inspiring, and I think you can tweak things a bit anyways. Let’s always remember blissful people, to give back and be a blessing to someone, to hold, cherish and make most out of every moment while there is still time. I wish everyone a HAPPY and BLISSFUL year, how time flies, it’s almost April. 😍 If you want to do the #YearofHappy project, please feel free to do so and read more about it here.

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*Donation boxes photos from (1, 2, 34)

Liebster Award

Last week I saw a comment from Beth, of The Honey Blonde Life, she’s such a sweet gal and you should check her blog and cute cat, Bentley. 😃😺 Turns out she has nominated me for the Liebster award, thanks Beth.

It is said that the Liebster award was created to recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere. So, I am nominating my fellow bloggers below.

The Rules:

  • Link back to the blogger that nominated you–(The Honey Blonde Life)
  • Answers the 11 new questions
  • Nominate other bloggers (however many or few as you’d like)
  • Create 11 (or however many you’d like) new questions
  • Notify the new nominees of their award.


1. What is your favorite under-eye concealer for dark circles?

I have really been loving the Maybelline Fit Me concealer, it’s good for highlighting the under-eye area to give you that “I got that 8-hour beauty rest” look even though I spent the whole night last night watching Vampire Diaries. 😛 It’s very light in consistency which means no cakey appearance but coverage is really great.

2. Favorite tea (if you drink tea).

Undeniably green tea, I have been loving teas lately. I can’t wait to try other flavors too.

3. What do you like to eat for breakfast?

I like big and heavy breakfast, I get really hungry after sleeping. If I’d have more willpower to rise up early I love eggs, toast and fruit shakes. But these days, a bowl of oatmeal with banana is my go-to quick breakfast which is also filling by the way.

4. Favorite fashion accessory?

I love fancy jewelries, I think they spice up any plain outfit, ,make it unique and interesting. To be specific, I like necklaces.

5. Do you wear BB or CC Cream?  And if so, what is your favorite brand?

Nope, I don’t really wear any of the two. I have tried the Garnier before once.

6. Favorite health snack when you’re on the go?

Fruits and granola bars! 🙂

7. Who is your favorite style icon?

It’s funny that ever since I have been reading this question in magazines and online, I am always clueless about my style and icon. Maybe that’s because I haven’t really paid much attention, I love dressing up but does not want my style to be labelled. It’s also ridiculously embarrassing to say that lately (I mean “a week ago” type of lately) I have a fashion conversion and enlightenment. I suddenly want to completely re-think and re-invent my fashion sense, invest in quality basic pieces, start from there and incorporate “classy” and “sophisticated” but with a trendy touch to it. Therefore, now I can answer the question above, I’m excited to say that my style icon is Miranda Kerr (her style is exactly a mix of everything I love- the class, the sexiness but with the right touch of elegance), Ivanka Trump, Sarah Vickers (URGH! Her closet is to-die for), and our very own (Filipina actress) Heart Evangelista. Gosh! Can’t believe I just got this figured out at 26. 😬

8. Favorite TV show?

These days I haven’t really been watching TV. Do I sound boring? Well, if I do, I’d catch up on TVD.

9. Fun fact about yourself?

I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, in one of its strictest town. Growing up I had to wear an abaya and burqa (face cover with only eyes showing).

10. Would you rather live near the mountains or the ocean?

Ocean! I love water and the sun.

11. If you could bring three things with you to a deserted island… 😉 what would you bring?

I feel like this is the most difficult question. 😣Haha! If only humans are allowed, I’d bring my family, my Schatz and a boat to fit us all. But if this is stricly “things-only” question, I’d bring my Bible, a knife, and a lighter.

So, my questions are:

1. What is one holy-grail beauty product in your kit that you can’t live without?

2. Who gave you the best beauty tip you have ever received and what is it?

3. What’s your favorite store to shop clothes at and why?

4. What 5 things do you think that should always be in a woman’s wardrobe or closet?

5. Where do you want to travel in the next 3 years?

6. What are your healthy habits?

7. Fun fact about you that no one knows?

8. Describe your perfect weekend.

9. Who would play you in the movie about your life?

10. Why do you blog?

11. What is that one goal that you have not yet met, but are working to achieve?

I nominate:

Polished by Amy

Jaiful and Her Cheeks

She is Joyful

Confetti and Curves


Please feel free to copy the award icon and paste it to your blog’s sidebar. 🙂 Enjoy Liebster!

* Photo from here.

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Fashion Inspiration: Spring 2015

Spring 2015 gives us fresh inspirations of pastels, tropical shades, plaids and stripes, sheers and light-washed denims. I have been seeing lots of pleasant colors and textures both in the runway and shops, if I were to take spring 2015 trends into my style, here’s how I’d incorporate it.

Spring 2015

Who says olive oil is only for cooking?

There are many uses and benefits extra virgin olive oil has, but one way I have used it for over almost 2 months now is as a makeup remover. Yep, you heard that! But you say, “Eww, that feels too greasy.” It is greasy, but you’ll get used to it plus the overwhelming benefits are definitely worth than the icky part.

Olive oil is very rich in vitamins, minerals and natural fatty acids. It’s also convenient for a sensitive skin. Olive oil is a powerful ingredient of anti-aging skin care products; rich in antioxidants, it prevents skin aging, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, it also nourishes, rejuvenates and protects the skin.

Rich in vitamin E and A, olive oil helps prolong youth, hydrates the skin, maintains its elasticity and softness. Also, olive oil helps skin cells to regenerate. The list of olive oil benefits can go on and on, but let’s talk about how I finally decided to put this baby in my skincare routine forever. 🙂

I have watched Michelle Phan’s video about her skincare routine last year, where she said you can use extra virgin olive oil in place of your expensive makeup remover. I never really took that seriously until last month when I found out I left my makeup remover back in the Philippines (talk about last minute packing). I opened my kitchen cupboard and grabbed that extra virgin olive oil, I rubbed it onto my face to remove the makeup and boy, I felt like chicken that’s about to be fried or roasted haha! 😀 Nevertheless, I still moved onto my waterproof eyeliner and mascara, rubbed them and it sure did wipe off those nasty eye makeup, by this time I told myself this can be the cheapest waterproof makeup remover I have ever had. I told myself, “hmmm not bad.” I was thinking, I can make this now my makeup remover since I don’t really mind the rinsing part, just make sure you rinse with water first and then proceed with your usual facial wash, I don’t think the gentle face washes out there will cut it, it would be better to have oil control facial wash. Then, that’s it……

Wait, nope! After I washed my face and rinsed it, I have the smoothest skin everr… not exaggerating you guys. It worked as cleanser and nourished my skin at the same time.

See my photo below after using for over a month, I fully certify that this is not Photoshopped at all. Yes, I am wearing makeup, but if my skin’s condition is in bad shape you will see it through 🙂 (Warning: awkward poses and unruly eyebrow hairs ahead 😛 )

10997945_937972829560153_1228739016_o 11002331_937972672893502_1891848465_o

Use this every night to remove makeup and you’ll notice great results, we’ll for my skin type I did notice significant changes, I have combination skin, oily T-zone and normal skin the rest of the face, I have very rare small breakouts, happens when I skip washing my face. I have also mentioned in my post about the face brush, that I develop tiny bumps when I don’t take care of my skin properly so that’s it, in case you’re wondering about my skin type. Those things are lessened, I don’t have bumps anymore. I’m not sure if olive oil will break out people with excessive oily and acne-prone skin, but I heard that olive oil is mildly comedogenic meaning it will mildly clog your pores. We all have different skin types and reactions, what works for me may not work for you, but you can always give this a try. Since olive oil is all natural, who knows it can be life-changing. As for me, I have already noticed great results just from using it as a makeup remover. Other than that, I have tried using it twice as a night cream too, my skin is grateful. In what other ways can you use this cooking ingredient aside from makeup remover and face mask?

1. Body moisturizer- especially for dry areas like knees, elbows and dry feet.

2. Bath soak- mix around 5 tablespoons or more to your warm bath water.

3. Eye cream- wipe this under the eye before bedtime and wake up to refreshed and moisturized peepers.

4. Hair mask- mix 1 egg yolk and a spritz of lemon and massage onto your scalp and ends on your 3rd day hair, leave for 15 minutes, shampoo and condition and you’ll have shiny and soft hair.

I know there are a lot more ways to use olive oil, and it’s for us to discover.

Trust that the regenerative properties of olive oil will make our skin thank us. Oh, don’t forget to put it in your salad too, it’s good for the heart. 😉

Comment down if you’d like to see a skincare routine post.

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Valentine Gift Guide For Your Bestie

Shout out to my ladies out there! Valentines is coming, don’t have a date? Don’t worry, call your gals, have a spa-night in, make some hot chocolate sprinkled with marshmallows and have some fun exchanging valentine gifts. Below are some ideas on what to get your bestie!
Valentine Gift Guide For Your Bestie

For your tech-savvy gal- Kate Spade tech accessory

For the fashionista- Seychelles scarve

For your always-on-the-go friend- ALPHABET BAGS canvas shopping bag

Just a reminder to brighten everyone’s day. 🙂 Black white wall art

For the girl who’s always organized- Home decor

For the coffee-lover- Kate Spade drinkware

For the globe-trotting friend who happened to be a photographer as well- FUJIFILM
Happy Valentines! Have fun!
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Tip Tuesday: Face Brush Wonder

Hia! I wanna share something beauty related today. Now, I know we girls have those days where we just wanna lay straight in bed without removing them makeup (lashes, mascara, liner and blush, etc.) because our excuse is, “I’m too tired to wash my face, just tonight please”. Yeah, gross I know, but you and I know it’s not just tonight right? The practice becomes more often. I have those days too, and those days give me tiny bumps on my face (no flawless smooth skin these days), flakiness and whiteheads build-up.

Sometime, before I went for vacation, the boyfriend and I bought this little pink face brush in Day-to-Day for just AED 5.00 to try (Note: Some lovelies have informed me, they can’t find this in Day-to-Day, you can try looking for it at a Japanese home store called Daiso for AED 7.00, there’s one in Dubai mall and in Reef Mall, Deira). Just like the brush below (not actual).


Affordable isn’t it? I talked Ken into buying it, ’cause he likes pampering himself too. I haven’t got time to use it religiously before leaving for Philippines and I left it here in Dubai, I know I haven’t taken good care of my skin while on vacation and you know what happens (insert description up there). So, back into the sandpit, I decided that I will use the little brush everyday when cleansing my face, in the morning and at night. I put my facial cleanser on top and brush away. I just wasn’t able to take a before photo of my skin (and I do not want to go back and have that “before” skin), but mind you I had dry, flaky and bumpy skin (though my skin is not acne-prone) before using it. After just a week of using the wonder brush, my pesky whiteheads are gone, I bid goodbye to the bumps and hello to smooth skin. Now, I cannot go a day without using it, it motivates me more to wash my face at night even in those dead-tired days. This works very much like the Clarisonic Skin Cleaning system except that it’s are rechargeable, well, gotta work those hands with the brush. 😉 Also, I might add, my makeup says thank you to the wonder brush’s effects, makeup glides on smoothly even without the use of a primer, just make sure to moisturize properly.

So ladies, spending AED 5.00 on a face brush won’t definitely hurt in exchange for a smooth and flawless skin, if you still do not have the $$$$ to spend for a Clarisonic. “Because beauty need not be expensive.” Naks, imbento! 😀 Just try it, it is a good addition to our skin care regimen for effective cleansing, I loved the results, it might be the same for some of you out there.

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