NTC Tour Dubai 2015

Hey Blissful people! I know I have been MIA for a while, but sorting my schedule again to be back on posting regularly, as mentioned before I am still working my way in this blog. Meanwhile let me share with you an awesome experience 2 weekends ago. NTC Tour came to Dubai last Friday, 15 June 2015!!! 😍 Nike Training Club is a global fitness community of girls driven by self-expression in movement and training. It embodies Nike’s commitment to inspire and enable female athletes through its products, services and experiences. NTC or otherwise Nike Training Club organizes an annual tour around the world bringing together thousands of female athletes and fitness enthusiasts to ignite a year of fitness. NTC tour is a day of training challenges ranging from studio to high intensity. And this year, it is NTC’s very first time in Dubai. When I learned about it, me and my friend Eggie had to join right away. 😆 I signed up more than a month before the event and was so excited. So excited that I had to prepare for it even my workout routine is focused on lifting. Nike exceeded everyone’s expectations with how they organized the day. Nike really knows how to pamper us ladies, and with that let me share you photos, ‘coz what better way to tell than pictures right?

*** Warning: extremely photo-heavy.

This is a photo from an aerial view. *Courtesy of Nike Running Middle East (from their Facebook page)

This is breathtakingly captured. 😍

The group training warm-up, which we weren’t able to attend since we have queued at the braid bar for like 45 minutes already and behind us is an even longer queue. 😃 So yeah, braids it is, but we managed to get to the last 5 minutes of the warm-up.

The countdown.

This is the event schedule, the workout schedule is based on the color of your wrist band, we were given “yellow”. Event 11275931_10205455888309754_1628840857_n Yes, we were also given free Nike headbands. I really thought that we’d be getting just a T-shirt for the event considering that the registration is only for AED 100, but Nike went the extra mile to make sure we are well-taken care of. See below. 😍 NTC1 These are what’s inside the goodie bag. I love the statement. The bag’s also filled with vouchers from different health and wellness companies. This shirt was supposed to be printed with my name, but since it was already too late and the event was already over, I practically had to beg Nike staff to allow my shirt and Eggie’s to get printed even with just a ready-made fitspo quote. And yes he did! Thanks to you! Not bad eh? I think the quote gets me pumped up. 😆 DSC_0436 The towel made me feel relieved, since I got a little scolded by the Schatz just because I forgot to bring my own towel. Thanks Nike, you saved me from getting dripping-wet with sweat. Wait a minute, did I just create a short tongue twister? 😎 DSC_0435 In between our workout sesh we hit all the “experience stations” and yes, these stations and everything else I’m going to tell you about are for free! 😮 😍 How cool is that? The braid bar.

*Credits to Nike for the photo above. 11330465_10205455885909694_1630321746_n 11351358_10205455885949695_498388110_n The nail bar. I was the nail technician’s last customer. We hit most of these stations after the workouts, next year if there will be an NTC tour again, we know the drill- hit the event early to experience everything. 😋 11328838_10205456346561210_457856144_n 11358789_10205456326800716_685141503_n 11301343_10205455867869243_1825157039_n The recovery station with facials and massage, which unfortunately we did not have enough time to visit and yes, people were crazy and there were long queues. 11261472_10205456326920719_389424967_n The energy bar by KCal and Essentially, our goodie bag came with a food stub from Kcal. Eggie and I excitedly hoarded the healthy juice. 😆 11119930_10205456346601211_128330421_n 11120561_10205455882229602_300073771_n 11301377_10205455868509259_1782623279_n They had the T-shirt personalization bar I was talking about earlier. And the snapping spots for all the selfies that shouts, “beast-mode” and “fitspiration”. These inspiring messages were all over the event area.

*Credits to Nike for photo above. 11355418_10205455880229552_1221724128_n 11355376_10205455880749565_1701540114_n 11350240_10205455875589436_690075185_n 11272285_10205455867909244_443074457_n 11351488_10205455867749240_356975666_n 11292840_10205455867829242_1916720484_n*All sweaty. 11328854_10205455867669238_1883897195_n Sorry for the quality of the photos, we only had mobile phones with us, because who would bring an HQ DSLR camera to an event full of workouts??! 11287077_10205455867589236_1534039697_n And onto the workouts! We started with strength training where I found my “fitspo” and ultimate fitness girl crush!!! Aaaaah! I know, I sound super excited but her body is literally fitness goal! Follow Salma on Insta by the way and you guys will see why I sound like this.

About last night. #Focus #BetterForIt #NTCTOURDUBAI #NTCTOUR #NikeWomen #Salb

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Then we did dance fusion.

We skipped HIT training for dinner, then we capped off the workouts with a yoga session.

And some more photos we snapped, told ya, this is photo-heavy: 11261099_10205455867069223_1956730354_n 11355359_10205455867149225_1181324125_n 11119679_10205455883949645_1955492018_n 11119171_10205455867469233_1748391464_n 11125226_10205455868589261_930556805_n 11124218_10205455868549260_607483929_n 11310958_10205455868149250_353126141_n Making silly faces. 😝 11297827_10205455867989246_1144130978_n Whoah! You go girl! 11262292_10205455868189251_1805574194_n It was indeed a day full of fun and fitness! Thanks to my girl, Eggie, really grateful that you did not hesitate to come with me the moment I asked you to. 😘 Nike did really well in encouraging and igniting fitness motivation that day, I was more inspired to push and work harder to reach my goals, so thanks Nike! I had a blast! Wherever you are in your fitness journey right now, don’t give up. Just do it! Don’t make excuses, soon you’ll see results, just keep pushing. Don’t be better for anyone else, be better for God and yourself. 😍 Remember, we honor God with our bodies. ‘Til next post blissful peeps! Here’s the official video from Nike:

“Feel a little confident the next time you work out by donning a braid.” 👌   Signature 2


KJ Eats: Lemonade Dubai for Valentines Dinner

So what’s KJ up to on a Valentines day? (KJ= Ken and Joy)

The boyfriend did not let the day pass without an unusual dinner (at least for us, this is unusual :D), although I did not really want us to go, because we can have it anytime not only on Valentines day. That’s the thing about us, we’re not too fussy about the V-day, but who says no when he insists? Not me! Hehe! And so, we strolled along Sheikh Zayed Road after having coffee at Caribou, where I assisted him in setting up his photography blog which is soon to go up by the way, please stay tuned for that. 😉  We saw this restaurant called Lemonade, and we decided to give it a try.

One fact about Ken and I is that we always have difficulty in deciding where to eat, he always considers what I want and what I feel like eating each time. I always say, “Wherever you like.” Then he says, “but you have to tell me where you want to eat”, although he already has something in mind that he’s currently craving for, and behold the endless exchange of questions before a decision is finally made. Crazy right? This case was more like, “where do you wanna eat?” I said, “anywhere” he utters, “let’s walk towards that direction and see what options we have” then I said “okay”, then we felt a little tired from walking aimlessly ‘coz we both we’re carrying laptops, I said, “what if we eat somewhere near our place?” He said, “okay, now let’s take the metro.” Just when we are about to approach Emirates Towers metro station, we saw Lemonade, K said, “let’s try this one.” Umhhmm, that’s exactly how we do it. Very confusing. 😀

When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by bright, yellow lights and chairs which kind of gives a happy and vibrant atmosphere to the overall design.

10957211_10204745368907213_848786216_n 11007705_10204745367107168_1592748348_n

I was delighted to see a wide variety of choices for salads, and so was Ken because he’s currently on a fitness and diet program. They have the sections “Marketplace” and “Land & Sea”.

10966868_10204745367747184_537078183_n 11004412_10204745347746684_835098931_n

Then they have tossed salads and sandwiches below.



They’ve got braises, hot veggies and hot portions.

10438877_10204745367507178_1197977830_n 10965478_10204745348626706_292418399_n 10994803_10204745364707108_1567937143_n

And who doesn’t love desserts? 🙂 The macarons look yum, but in this instance, Ken and I chose to go all vegan.

11006077_10204745365387125_2065132498_n 11003935_10204745366427151_933561754_nIf you love lemonades, they have lots of flavors to choose from.


Ken ordered “Thai Vegetables” and “Pineapple Chicken”, if you like tangy sauce on your salad with a hint of cilantro, you’ll love Thai Vegetables, I did, I love cilantro really! If you’re a fan of Indian food, you will like Pineapple Chicken, the sauce resembles Indian flavors minus the spiciness.


I had “Avocado and Cherry Tomatoes” and a hot veggie dish with eggplant, Piquillo Peppers and feta cheese. Both are really yummy.


I know, all dishes ordered are vegetarian, but we just didn’t feel too hungry because we had coffee and fruit smoothies beforehand.

They have partnered with Snappcard loyalty rewards system for every dine-in experience with a minimum spend of AED 50, if I am not mistaken you get 4 points and once you collect 7 points you’re entitled to a free serving of Lunch box or salad. Not bad eh?

The Verdict:

You won’t regret coming to Lemonade if you’re after delicious and healthy Southern Californian food choices. They have a lot to choose from, so don’t worry vegans, you’re safe here. 😉

The staff that assisted us was very friendly and helpful to explain their serving sizes, best-sellers and mobile loyalty rewards system via an app called Snappcard.

The restaurant interiors itself exudes happiness and vibrant attitude.
The average price for 2 people is AED 100 or even below, depending on your appetite. Price range is okay for me. Our bill is shown below:
I know we haven’t ordered from the other food sections, but it’s definitely worth to try. They currently have 2 branches, Ibn Battuta and Sheikh Zayed Road. You can also check out Lemonade’s Facebook page here.
*I heard their lemonades are good (and they’re served on those cute Pinterest-ish milk jars), their cakes are light and fluffy, and their red velvets are “wow”.
Valentines is not defined by how fancy your dinner date is for that day, by your special someone, or by how many bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolates you received. Let’s make everyday a Valentines day, let’s make love alive in our lives daily by showing the people around us that we care. Let’s create value in this world by giving love rather than always expecting to receive it.
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DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post, we paid for everything, actually Ken did…oops! 🙂
* These reviews came from Zomato.