The Pinay Makeover Experience

Last weekend, I got to work with the lovely and talented Erl from Makeup by ERL and the whole team of Pinay Makeover for a makeover photo shoot of 3 lovely Filipinas that was featured on 7Days UAE (Dubai paper), read on the full article here. Erl invited me to do makeup for one of the models. This is really a fun learning experience for me since Erl has been in this industry for quite a long time now and she has already built a name for herself, how sweet of her to invite me right? 😊

Erl and her friend, Kristine formed Pinay Makeover with the help of their talented friends in the Filipino community. It is an online non-profit initiative to showcase the true beauty of the Filipina and promote Pinay empowerment by offering free makeovers to interested Filipinas who are willing to step up to the challenge by sharing their inspiring life story. -from their website

The movement is really inspiring and I believe it gives out a very powerful message to all Filipinas out there to strive and be the best version of themselves, that a Filipina is empowered to make a difference in this world because she has what it takes like any other woman, she is confident, beautiful inside and out, intelligent and worthy of respect. A Filipina is world-class.

To be honest, the stories in their blog have moved me to be more proud of being a Filipina, to fully believe in a Filipina’s abilities, to not compare myself with others or compete but encourage teamwork, to believe that I can achieve whatever I put my heart into. Their project is indeed living up to its aims and visions. Go Filipina!

If you are willing to step up to the challenge and share your Pinay story or if you know someone who is, please nominate or send Pinay Makeover a message here or send them a message in their Facebook Page, if you’re in a different location, let them know as they can accommodate your request since Erl’s day job allows her to travel making overseas makeover requests a possibility, how cool can that be? 😍 They also have an Instagram page filled with inspiring stories and quotes about women empowerment, please hit follow ❤. I am sharing the full page 7Days feature photo from their Instagram below:

YES!!! I was invited once and my back and name also made it to 7Days, I was ecstatic when I found out really 😍, I mean it is my first time to read my name and see myself in a newspaper, so that explains my excitement 😆. I am really grateful to Erl, Kristine and to the whole team of talented and creative people behind Pinay Makeover. Kudos too, to the genius photographer, Sir Arian Marcos, check out his website here. More photos from their Instagram page below:

No matter what nationality you have women, let’s continue to promote women empowerment and let’s make a difference in this world.

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February Instagrams & Updates

Heya! How are you guys all doing? My February Instagrams are here, apologies for posting late. Let’s see what’s Bliss been up to last month.

Michael’s and Rea’s wedding is the MOMENT of February, their intimate wedding has truly inspired me to live and love. Btw, the bride has started to blog, read more about their love story and faith here in this link.

I get ecstatic over this, thinking she’s my first bride in Dubai. To many more! #aspiring? Yes, and dreaming.

Our church talked about LOVE the whole month, and I let you into a snippet of my journal, where apparently God also tells me personally to love more. Yup, that says “No man/woman/date can ever make your Valentine special. Only God does.”

You guys, I have got the sweetest roommates really. I received an arm candy and a Victoria’s Secret perfume for Valentines. 😍 Even if it’s not Valentines, they’re the most generous. I am inspired.

Shameless selfie it is! 😝 February has kept me inspired, productive and living. So many plans for the future, and it gives me joy knowing that I am not alone in my journey.

My January book which is overdue. And yes, poor thing I haven’t finished my February book yet, gotta be more organized with my time. I highly recommend this book by the way.

The boyfriend gave this to me to try out. He loves pampering as much as I do. Well, they’re still sitting on my spa kit, haven’t used them, March is the way to go! What are your spa-night essentials? Share with me down below.


I am still making my way around this blogging thing, not that I haven’t blogged before, I did have 2 blogs about a different subject and now I kind of what to change things a little bit. Change is good and it is challenging me. I hope to keep up with it, and inspire people. After all, this blog is my open jar, kind of like talking and sharing with you guys, well virtually. I have blog post ideas in mind, still finding inspiration for some, planning out my future blog posts and just enjoying the moment. If you have suggestions, constructive criticisms and questions shoot them down below. Will be happy to keep in touch with you guys.

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Wedding: #MichaelandReatillForever

Yesterday, February 7, 2015, was a special day for both of my friends Michael and Rea. Rea is from my music group at church and Michael is from our church as well. Yesterday, was the day they pledged their love to one another in front of their families and friends and have become one before God. They have inspired me with their love and have been a blessing to the people around them, truly God’s grace and love for these two are immeasurable.

I am blessed to have been chosen by the bride to do her hair and makeup, now I am not saying I am an expert in beauty and hairstyle, this is just my interest and I am still learning from it, and this will always make me happy. 🙂 Fact: Rea is my first official bride in Dubai, (I have done makeup and hair for a bride before but that was still during college days when I was still starting with makeup.) and I am very happy and grateful that she has given me trust on her big day. Witnessing their beautiful union is a blessing and doing the bride’s hair and makeup is just a plus for me. Their wedding is one of those moments that reminded me that truly life is beautiful and God has intended for us to enjoy it. Onto the photos, shall we?

Before and after makeover photo of Rea.


Her updo.


The stunning bride.


And Michael, the dashing groom.

rea mom

This moment. Need I say more? The picture speaks a thousand words.

I will not deny, I got emotional last night and was reminded of the following:

1. Life is not perfect but it is beautiful. There will always be struggles along the way but God has given us a life to live and enjoy, to love, to take risks, to struggle and to overcome. We have a life to live to the fullest, a life we can take chances with, a life to spend with our loved ones in laughter, tears and in dancing. Imperfection is what makes this life beautiful after all. Let alone imperfection and make the most out of every moment.

2. It takes a lot of courage to commit. It takes everything perhaps, you, your whole being, every bit to your core to entrust yourself to a person. But hey, they say love is a powerful thing, love enables us to open and devote ourselves to the people around us, especially to that one person we choose to spend our lives with. Thanks to God’s love, it changes us, it gives us courage and enables us to love and to risk. So hats off to you Rea and Michael for being so courageous. 1f44f

3. Passion. I was moved by people’s passion. The newly weds’ passion for each other, the band’s passion for their music, The families’ passion for the bride and groom. Jai, my friend, Twin, and sister from another mother, the wedding planner’s passion for her dreams. It’s that force that drives us, motivates us, that powerful emotion that pushes us to pursue and push harder. Michael and Rea’s wedding is one of the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to, not just because of its theme, decor and setup, but because of the people who have become part of it, because of the people who have passion. And one of them is Jai, from Jaiful and Her Happy Cheek, I commend her for the beautiful work she has done last night and all the other people who has assisted her throughout. She really did a great job for her first hands-on wedding, she is an aspiring wedding planner and I know she’ll make it far with the dedication and heart she has. This girl has always been a blessing and encouragement to me. Last night, she struck me most with her passion and thought that if you and I continue to fuel that driving force in us, we can create wonderful and stunning masterpieces of life. Below are photos of the wedding from Jai and I highly recommend her.


Vintage and rustic themed wedding c/o Jai.

Credits to Ken for the following photos:

w lo

A blessed wedding indeed! Thanks Michael and Rea. Cheers!

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